Sealing solutions with the highest guarantee

At FilmBenefit, we offer our customers a complete range of coatings approved by our Product Technical Department for the sealing of our trays.

Lamination and cutting of sealing film

► Compostable Film
► PPLA Film
► APET / PE Universal Film
► MONOPET (26 and 30 µm) Film
► Horneable Film (under development)

Rigid Lids


►PLA Lips under development


Compos Range

What better way to complete the packaging of your products than with a compostable lidding film that means 100% of the packaging (tray + film) can be disposed together with the organic waste? We have developed a complete range of films made from raw materials of natural origin.

  • FBCOMPOS100S. Perfect peel ability and excellent oxygen barrier. Ideal for fresh products or takeaways that need to be able to separate the film lid from the tray easily.
  • FBCOMPOS200. Excellent peel ability, great resistance to high temperature and very good oxygen barrier. Suitable for applications requiring baking or microwave ability
  • FBCOMPOSFRESH. Weldable cover Film (not peelable) and excellent oxygen barrier. Suitable for fresh product applications

Performance Range

Sometimes we require a plus to our packaging being necessary to go to non-compostable films that allow us to reach certain properties that is not possible to get today with films of natural origin. For these cases we have developed solutions from raw materials of fossil origin with completely recyclable polyester final structures that reduce the

environmental impact and that are perfectly compatible with our compostable containers:

  • FB12MONOPET24AF. Film of excellent transparency, peel ability and half gas barrier. Withstands high temperatures incorporating anti-fog additive to avoid condensation on the inside of the film maintaining high visibility throughout the duration of the packaging. Suitable for applications requiring baking, microwave ability.
  • FB12APETPE5250. Peelable Film compatible with our trays in its compostable version and in its semi compostable version (trays internally lined with a polypropylene film).


At FilmBenefit, we have also developed a full range of rigid lids to cover our trays when sealing film is not required.

  • Rigid lids made of r-PET (recycled polyester), with high clearness and excellent mechanical properties.
  • Designed with anchor clips that ensure firm locking, avoiding accidental opening of the trays.
  • Designed with a stacking system to prevent accidental sliding of piled trays.

PLA rigid lids available upon request.