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Today’s society has embarked on a non-negotiable path: global sustainability. Every day we want to be better. We research, innovate, change what we do and how we do it. We seek to minimize our footprint in the environment. We want to be active, clean and committed to an environment that is kindly sheltering us. And we do it every day incorporating new customs, new gestures and different ways of being in life. At PackBenefit we always go one step further in what we do and succeed in shaping them with the best ecological packaging in the world.

Food Safety

Our containers are designed to transport food and must remain fresh and healthy throughout the supply chain, regardless of their final use. At PackBenefit we have developed this aspect by offering a solution that guarantees the safety of the materials, i.e. the absence of toxicity and the preservation of the organoleptic properties of the food. Our raw materials are made of natural origin, offering an unequalled food safety.

Waste Reduction

Today a third of all food produced worldwide is wasted, approximately 1300 million tons. At PackBenefit we know that resources are limited and should be used more responsibly, so we have developed comprehensive packaging solutions that enable the reduction of food waste by ensuring conservation and safety in the production chain through greater integrity in the supply chain and storage of them.

Certifications and compliance


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What do the 4 OK's of the PackBenefit trays mean?


Our compostable containers are safe in the oven at 150°C for 45 minutes passing EU 10/2011 tests.

In addition to food safety they also offer advantages in terms of Occupational Safety as the outer surface of the PackBenefit tray does not heat up, avoiding burns in handling. In addition, the rigidity of the tray remains unchanged during exposure to high temperatures.

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    150º for 45 minutes



PackBenefit containers are also suitable for microwaves and can be used for up to 5 minutes at 750W.
As in the conventional oven, the outer surface of the tray does not heat up and the tray does not lose its stiffness in any way

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    Up to 5 minutes at 750w



The containers are suitable for freezers up to -40°C without altering the packaging or, of course, the organoleptic qualities of the food. They can go from the freezer directly to the oven or microwave without altering the performance of the tray.

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    Resistance up to -40º



PackBenefit offers solutions that are not only recyclable (recyclable as paper and cardboard) but go one step further, are 100% compostable and can therefore be disposed of with organic waste by creating a quality compost as certified by OKCompost.

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    Zero waste


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