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of the PackBenefit trays mean?

New recycling technologies today offer innovative ways to maximize the transformation of waste into new resources and thus accelerate the transition towards the circular economy. Improving mechanical and chemical recycling processes, but also the possibilities offered by the application of biotechnology through enzymatic recycling they are key to making waste treatment more efficient, with the prior collaboration of citizens in its correct management. 

PackBenefit offers not only recyclable solutions (recyclable as paper and cardboard) but they go a step further.

Our packaging are 100% compostable and can therefore be disposed of with organic waste by creating a quality compost as certified by the EN13432 standard validated by our OK-Compost certification (granted by TÜV-A).

Our compostable containers are safe in the oven at 140°C for 45 minutes, passing the EU 10/2011 standard tests.

In addition to food safety, they also offer advantages in the workplace, as the outer surface of PackBenefit trays does not heat up, thus avoiding burns during handling. 

Tray stiffness remains unchanged during exposure to high temperatures contact us for additional information on solutions for higher temperatures.

PackBenefit containers are also suitable for use in microwaves and can be used up to up to 750W of power for 5 minutes or 900W of power for 3 minutes.

As in the conventional oven, the outer surface of the trays does not heat up and the trays never lose their rigidity.

The containers are suitable for freezers without altering the packaging or, of course, the organoleptic qualities of the food.

They can go from the freezer directly to the oven or microwave without altering the performance of the tray.

All our containers are manufactured with the option of being heat-sealed in packaging machines and this becomes a differentiating characteristic when it comes to sustainable paper-based containers.

PackBenefit packaging offers brands the opportunity to replace high-barrier modified atmosphere plastic (MAP) trays with a high-performance cellulose-based alternative and an inner liner that makes them ideal for packaging all types of food and thus extending its useful life in the same way that it would be achieved with a single-use plastic container.

Furthermore, our products not only match the features at the functionality level, but also at the level of performance in heat sealing lines due to the inherent characteristics of our containers, such as high rigidity and high mechanical properties.

Blue FAQ’s


How long do the trays take to biodegrade?

Our trays have passed the most rigorous compostability study according to the current standard (EN 13432:2000), which means that in 12 weeks the tray will have biodegraded and that the resulting compost allows the growth of new plant species.

What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

A biodegradable product is one that decomposes by the action of microorganisms or bacteria that are present in nature. A compostable product, in addition to being biodegabable, ends up being fertilizer or compost that can be used as a natural fertilizer. Everything compostable is also biodegradable, however biodegradable does not have to be compostable.

In our case, our trays have the OK-Compost certification, which indicates that they are both biodegradable and compostable.

What are the trays made of?

Our trays are of vegetable origin, being the majority of them cellulose with a surface coating based on corn and potato starches in order to further protect the food they will contain.
PackBenefit exclusively uses FSC certified sources.

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