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El BEI acuerda un a financiación ‘venture debt’ con Pack Benefit para acelerar el despliegue de tecnología punta en envasado sostenible de alimentos

23 / 02 / 23

EIB agrees venture debt financing with PackBenefit to accelerate rollout of leading sustainable food packaging technology

EIB and PackBenefit have signed a €13m venture debt agreement to finance a new production plant, as well as research...

21 / 06 / 23

Training and experience to consolidate and expand PackBenefit

My name is Santiago Sastre, I am 54 years old, born in Barcelona, married for more than 25 years, and...

29 / 06 / 23

Report in El Economista Agro

“PackBenefit puts sustainable solutions for the food industry on a plate”. So begins the report with which El Economista, n...
Reportaje en Castilla y León Económica

20 / 07 / 23

Report in Castilla y León Económica

When you read this sentence and feel an immense satisfaction and desire to continue taking on challenges: “There are companies...