Mission and vision

Our identity

At PackBenefit  we are the world reference in the sustainable packaging sector. Since 2013, we have worked every day to make the planet better and to improve peoples lives, offering sustainable and safe packaging made with natural materials. We are absolute leaders in the compostable food packaging sector.

Because the immediate future of food packaging lies in offering practical and, above all, environmentally friendly solutions. Today everything is biodegradable, much can be recyclable but very little can still be compostable.

That is why we are unique; we comply with these three environmental premises at the same time. Everyone – our engineers, our operators, our suppliers, our customers – work together. Everyone at PackBenefit has a mission to devise and implement these solutions so that we are better every day and all the time.

Our goal is to support our customers through an excellent range of products and services that meet our 3 main pillars:

Sustainability, Food Safety and Reducing Food Waste.

Our Values

Mission Statement

To be a reference to improve our planet and people’s lives.


To give unique, integral and sustainable solutions oriented towards food security, offering products and services that promote market development.


To give outstanding quality and safety in everything we do. Empower talent and promote ideas.


Be aware of the actions we take and develop the best solution. Always acting diligently.


Transforming an idea into reality through effort and sacrifice.


Take care of our planet and people (consumers, employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders).

To give everything of each one to fulfil the objectives.


To lead using honest communication, complying with what we say and acting clearly.