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Training and experience to consolidate and expand PackBenefit

My name is Santiago Sastre, I am 54 years old, born in Barcelona, married for more than 25 years, and with two children who are now adults.


My educational stage was developed entirely in an international school, so I have always had an open mind and vision for both personal and professional relationships.


This and the values in which I have been educated have made me the person I am today, who always believes more in bridges than in barriers, something of which I am very proud.
As Economist by university training, I started my first years in the financial area, although the important change came when I was already working in the world of packaging for the Grupo Lantero, later absorbed by the English DS Smith, I moved from the financial to the commercial area, having different responsibilities with both national and Pan-European clients.
During this exciting stage I have had the great opportunity to work in different environments, different business cultures coming from a traditional national group and evolving to a first level multinational after the acquisition, and multidisciplinary and multicultural teams typical of a multinational.


All these years of work, training and experience have to be the basis on which my contribution to the consolidation and expansion project with Packbenefit will be based.


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